About Us

The Law Office of Gregory D. Curtis is a Miami, Florida based law firm .

It is a firm where we value each client and address our clients' unique legal needs on a one-to-one basis. Moreover, we make every attempt to provide our clients with the highest quality legal representation at a reasonable cost.
About Us

Gregory D. Curtis is a Miami-based attorney located in Miami Gardens Florida. His office handles both criminal and civil matters at the state and federal level.

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Although we are a small law firm, we offer a range of legal services including juvenile, family, general civil law.

In addition, we also handle various criminal, traffic (including DUI, Traffic infractions, and warrants. For a more comprehensive overview of our practice areas, please visit the practiced area’s section of our website.

In addition to providing our clients with outstanding personal service, we realize that the search for a lawyer may be driven, at least in part, by your budget. And, in this regard, we are focused on providing our clients with outstanding value. In fact, in many cases, our fee is a percentage of recovery—in other words, we don't collect a fee unless you win money damages. In other matters, we may be able to provide representation on a flat fee basis. Please don't hesitate to contact us for specific information regarding your issue.

We understand that the decision to hire a lawyer can be difficult.

However, we will be happy to listen to your issue and discuss all of the options available to you—at low cost for the initial consultation (up to 1/2 hour). Even if you're not sure that you need an attorney, don't hesitate to contact us via our website, by email at curtislawoffice@bellsouth.net , or by phone at 305.622.9199.